Neuroscience Research Notes

ISSN: 2576-828X


Articles in the following specialised fields, but not limited to, clinical neurosciences, neurosurgery, developmental neurobiology, neurogenetics, neuroinformatics, cognitive and behavioural research, neuropsychiatry, neuromarketing, neurolinguistics, neuroeconomics and neuroetics involving in vitro, in vivo, animal or computational models on fundamental mechanisms or disorders related to the nervous system will be considered.

The following types of articles will be considered:

  1. Mini-Review – concise review of current or updated knowledge or advancements in the related fields.
  2. Research or Technical Notes – short and concise technical report or single or more experiments leading to convincing observations to prove a hypothesis. This type of article must have a clear objective of the study, a concise discussion, and a clear conclusion. Studies reporting negative findings also fall within this category.
  3. Case Notes – short and concise description of a unique, unusual, or novel occurrence of a clinical case or presentation.
  4. Data Notes – a short and concise description of a research dataset or resources that highlight the origin and relevance of the dataset or resources to facilitate research reproducibility.
  5. Hypothetical Notes – hypothetical paper involves a critical interpretation of current literature leading to a profound but untested hypothesis.
  6. Views – articles featuring a review, commentary, or an opinion on a currently published paper or book.
  7. News – articles featuring a report on local or international neuroscience-related outreach or scientific programmes, obituaries of prominent neuroscientists as well as individual success stories.

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