Neuroscience Research Notes

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2022, Vol. 5, No. 3
30 September 2022

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2022, Vol. 5, No. 2
30 June 2022

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2022, Vol. 5, No. 1
31 March 2022

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2021, Vol. 4, No. 4
31 December 2021

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About the Journal

NeurosciRN or Neuroscience Research Notes is a free open access, peer-reviewed quarterly journal that considers high quality, short and concise research as well as technical reports in all aspect of the nervous system. The journal emphasises meticulously on the hypothesis formation, research methodology, data interpretation and conclusion derived from both positive and negative findings, orphaned studies or neglected observations of all related fields of neuroscience research.

Published Special Issues


Special Issue Editors

  • Battuvshin Lkhagvasuren, MD, PhD | Brain Science Institute, Graduate School, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS), MONGOLIA
  • Jambaldorj Jamiyansuren, MD, PhD | Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, School of Biomedicine, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, MONGOLIA

Submission: 15 June 2021 – 15 August 2021
Review, Revision, Acceptance: Before 30 September 2021

The Special Issue aims to publish recent findings of studies on brain-related disorders. The variety of those techniques may extend from simple methods such as blood tests and neurophysiological examinations to more advanced innovative methods such as functional MRI and non-invasive brain stimulation techniques. Examples include validated self-report instruments for disease screening and heart rate variability for testing autonomic nervous functions.


Special Issue Editors

  • Wael MY Mohamed, MD PhD | International Islamic University Malaysia, MALAYSIA | Menoufia University, EGYPT
  • Mohammad Amjad Kamal, PhD, FRACI C Chem, JP | King Abdulaziz University, SAUDI ARABIA | Novel Global Community Educational Foundation, AUSTRALIA
  • Indranath Chatterjee, PhD | Tongmyong University, SOUTH KOREA

Submission: 25 August 2020 – 30 June 2021
Review, Revision, Acceptance: Before 30 September 2021

Neuroscience is an exciting area in which, at a fast rate, revolutionary advances materialize. The emergence of neuro-technologies is interdisciplinary. It supports the amalgamation of neurobiology and atomic, nano- and micro-sciences as a fascinating path to significant developments in the neuroscience study. It poses a scientific foundation for potential therapeutic strategies. (Click the following button to learn more)

Call for Papers

We invite interested authors to submit your next short paper containing single or more experiments, negative findings, mini-reviews or hypothetical manuscripts to Neuroscience Research Notes for rapid consideration. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed. Articles in the following specialised neuroscience-related fields, but not limited to:

  • neurodegeneration, neuroregeneration & neuroinflammation
  • neuropharmacology & toxicology
  • neurotherapy, natural and synthetic products research
  • fundamental, developmental and behavioural neurobiology 
  • neurogenetics, neuroinformatics & computational neurosciences
  • neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology & cognitive neurosciences
  • neurology, neurosurgery & clinical neurosciences
  • rehabilitation and sport neurosciences
  • social neurosciences (neuromarketing, neurolinguistics, neuroeconomic, neuroeducation) 

involving in vitro, in vivo or animal models and psychosocial experiments on applied as well as fundamental mechanisms, biology and disorders related to the nervous system will be considered.

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